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“Exploristica - Adventures in Statistics”, is a mobile interactive exhibition suitable for secondary school students. Exploristica engages though interactive “video game” modules to explore five phases of the statistical process - Select, Collect, Describe, Estimate and Interpret. Exploristica workshops encourage enquiry based learning to discuss the fundamentals and practice of Statistics and Probability. Concepts covered include samples and census, location and dispersion measures (mean, median, standard deviation), graphs (box and whiskers, bar plots, histograms), random and non-random sampling, relative frequency, and probability.

Exploristica is available for second level students at Lifetime Lab over the following dates:

  • Maths Week        Monday 17th - Friday 21st October 2016
  • Science Week     Monday 14th - Friday 18th November 2016
  • Engineers Week  Monday 6th - Friday 10th March 2017  

For details email lifetimelab@corkcity.ie or call 021 4941500


Exporistica is collaboration between the Central Statistics Office and Lifetime Lab supported by Science Foundation Ireland.