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Anyone 4 Science Easter Camp

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Anyone 4 Science two day camp (Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March, provides fun filled days of EGGtraordinary EGGperiments involve children conducting fun age appropriate investigations into egg characteristics, hovering eggs, the science of egg cooking, dissolving egg shells, egg parachutes, walking on eggs, enzymes and much much more more…

Anyone 4 Science was established in 2005 to provide fun hands-on science and engineering activities catering for children from 4 up and even run some events for adults for more information on any activity please see http://anyone4science.com/ or contact Christine at info@anyone4science.com. For booking information please see here

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Camp age groups are as follows:

  • PicoScientists (5-6 year olds) Picoscientists investigate egg characteristics, dissolving egg shells, egg cooking, walking on eggs and eggs as insulators.
  • NanoScientists (7-9 year olds) will do a range of age appropriate chemistry experiments and investigate hovering eggs, egg parachutes, insulators and fun walking on eggs.
  • MicroScientists (10-12 year olds) learn about starch testing, eggs as insulators, chemical and physical changes, egg parachutes and fun walking on eggs.